Online Data Entry Workers Needed Worldwide!
If you are interested in working part-time from home for some extra income or whether you're looking for a full-time career making $200 - $400 per day, we can help.

We currently have over 31,000 members in over 200 countries worldwide. There are absolutely no restrictions on how much or how little you work. Of course the more data you enter, the more money you can make. Our average member earns over $4,000 per month. Your earnings will be paid weekly by direct deposit, PayPal, check or AlertPay. You decide which payment method works best for you. We work only with legitimate data entry companies who pay on time and accurately.


  • Earn $200 - $400 per Day
  • Work Anytime
  • Work From Anywhere in the World
  • Access Legitimate Data Entry Companies 24 Hours per Day
  • Experience not Required
  • Payment Guarantee
  • Flexible Payment Options

Our goal is to provide our customers with the most accurate and up-to-date
information about online "work from home" data entry companies and help you avoid the scams. We are not a data entry company
and do not solicit data entry workers.

We have helped thousands of online
data entry workers find real data entry opportunities and start making good money working from home.

How it Works
You will be in control of which companies you want to work with and they will pay you directly via direct deposit, PayPal, Check, or AlertPay. Earnings are paid weekly and can be sent anywhere in the world. All that is required is a computer and access to the Internet and you can start making a significant income.

  • All data is provided!
  • Most forms are 1 - 3 pages and take only minutes to complete!
  • You do not need any special software or hardware!
  • Start earning immediately!

Work whenever and wherever you want. Full time and part time workers are needed worldwide and you can work as much or as little as you like. There are no minimum or maximum restrictions so you can work 1 day per month or every day. The more data you enter, the more money you make!
  • All data is provided (unlike scams where you collect data from other people)
  • Does NOT involve Clickbank or Google Adwords where your earning is based on sales made
  • Simply type into the online forms, data being provided by the Companies, and get your paycheck for the work you do
  • No website or selling is required

Don't Get Scammed!

Let us help you find legitimate data entry opportunities. Do not waste your time or money with those data entry companies
promising instant riches...they're usually scams and do not care about your success.

How to Register

There is a one-time registration fee of $33.00 (USD) for lifetime access. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and you will never be charged again.

You've already taken the first step toward financial independence.
Don't delay - Start earning in as little as 30 minutes

Click the Paypal button above to pay $17.00 USD
(It can't get cheaper than this)
Paypal also accepts credit card payments.

***NOTE :
The fee is one-time and strictly NON-REFUNDABLE, because we are just a referral service and don't get paid by the companies we refer.
The actual forms can differ from the sample forms shown above, depending on the Companies requirement, from time to time. Job opportunities can vary based on its availability.
Please allow 24 hours for us to process your payment and send you the list of legitimate WAH companies via email.


How much money can I make with this program?
You decide how much money to make based on the time you have to dedicate to
data entry work. The more data you enter, the more money you can make. Whether
you have only a few hours per month or can work full-time, our program will help you
achieve your income goals.

How & When do I get paid?
Earnings are paid every week directly to you by the data entry companies. You decide the method of payment (ie direct deposit, check by mail, PayPal or AlertPay). We guarantee that your earnings will be paid on time.

I do not live in the USA, Can I still Join?
Yes. In fact over 70% of our members live in countries like India, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Japan, Turkey, Greece, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Canada, China, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, UAE, Malta, Panama, Jamaica and all over Europe, South America, South Africa, Asia & the Middle East. This program is available worldwide! It does not matter where you reside as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection. We have over 31,000 current members around the globe.

What kind of tasks will I be doing?
Most companies provide you with web access to the data entry forms so it's all done online. Our members get a list of the best companies to work with. You simply join with each company and follow their simple

Can you send me an example of the data entry forms?
Confidentiality agreements prohibit us from providing sample documents. You will have access to several
companies and each company is unique in their requirements. You will be able to review and select the
companies you want to work with. They will be able to provide you with form samples and complete

Why do I have to pay a registration fee?
We are a referral service only and are not a data entry company. We are "for profit" and we work very hard to maintain a reliable and valuable data entry referral service. You are billed this one-time fee and we will never charged again.

How do I pay the enrollment fee?
We accept all major credit cards and use PayPal for your security.(We do not accept any other forms of payment)

How can I be sure my credit card payment is secure?
We use PayPal to process credit card payments. These processing companies use the latest security and encryption technologies which insures that your payment is 100% safe, secure & confidential.

What exactly will I get when a become a member?
You will get the list of all legitimate WAH companies requiring data entry workers to work from home. There is no physical shipment of merchandise.

Can I pay the registration fee by check or demand draft?

Can I pay the enrollment fee after I join or can the fee be deducted from my earnings?
No. Payment is required prior to getting the list of companies from us. Sorry, but we do not allow any
exceptions to this policy regardless of the situation.

How can I be sure this is a legitimate opportunity?
We have been in business for 10 years providing data entry opportunities to individuals around the world.
Everything listed in our site is 100% true and the potential income is real. Provided you follow our instructions and continue to enter data daily, you'll be paid for your work. We will make sure you are completely satisfied with this program.

Do I need to make my own products, website, or do any selling?
You do not need to have your own products, website or need to do any selling! You simply enter data for
companies online and they'll handle the rest and pay you for your work.

Are there any hidden fees?
We will never ask you for any additional money once you are a member. You simply need to start entering
data as outlined in the members area.

Am I obligated to work a certain amount of hours?
No. You will never be forced to work. You can work whenever and wherever you want. With this opportunity, your work hours, days and time-off are completely flexible.

How soon can I start?
Once you enroll/register, we will process your payment and send a follow up email with the list of companies. There may be up to a 24 hour delay to confirm payment.

What is your Privacy Policy?
We respect your privacy and will never share, distribute or otherwise compromise any personal information. All personal information and correspondence will remain strictly confidential.

Do you have an affiliate program?
Not at this time, however, we plan to release a program soon.

What guarantees do you offer?
As with any business opportunity, you are rewarded for you hard work. We can not absolutely guarantee
success but we certainly stand behind our program. We are available to assist and answer any questions
and/or concerns you may have to insure that you realize the benefits of our service.


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